Reduce Your Commercial Lighting Bills with LED Lighting

How to reduce your commercial lighting Bills? LED (light emitting diode) is the latest and highly innovative technology in the lighting world. LED lights are believed to be much better option than traditional lighting options as they produce light in a highly efficient way and reduce energy waste to a great extent, which obviously translates to significant savings in lighting bills for commercial facilities.

Before we get into the numbers let us understand the different ways in which the different types of lights produce light.

How Different Lighting Options Produce Light?

Traditional bulbs probably have one of the worst processes for producing light as they do it just by passing an electric current through a thin wire installed in them. Halogen bulbs, on the other hand, use a chemical reaction to produce light which involves the halogen gas and the tungsten filament.

Fluorescent bulbs have their own process too, where they just give out mercury vapor with the help of electricity, which leads to visible light being produced.

In contrast to all these processes, the way in which LED lights produce light turn out to be much more efficient as they simply use the movement of electrons to produce light, which is nowhere near as complex as the other processes we explained above. So there become how to reduce your commercial lighting Bills.

Significantly Less Energy Wastage

LED lights waste way less energy than their traditional counterparts, thanks to the highly efficient process of producing light that we discussed above.

While traditional lighting options like incandescent bulbs end up wasting up to 80 percent of the energy they consume just to produce heat, LED lights only waste about 20 percent of the energy they consume and use the rest to produce visible light. That’s 4 times energy savings for you right there, though it would be less with some of the other options that waste relatively less energy like around 60 percent.

No Compromise on the Quality of Light

If you’re wondering whether this significant reduction in energy wastage comes with a compromise on the quality of light, let us make it very clear that’s not the case at all. In fact, LED lights produce the same quality of light – if not much better than many traditional options – while still using the least amount of energy.

In addition, LED lights also turn out to be much better at distributing the light evenly than their traditional counterparts, as well as are much more versatile which is how to reduce your commercial lighting bills.

What Kind of Savings You Can Achieve – The Numbers

Alright, now that you understand exactly how and why commercial LED lights consume much less energy and are still a great lighting option overall, let’s get some numbers crunching to help you figure out how much you may be able to save on your commercial lighting bills.

The Department of Electricity (DOE) has run a report on the efficiency of LED lights and compares a few different types of lights. Using the example of lighting up a six-foot tree for 12 hours a day for a period of 40 days, it lists how much it would cost with different types of lights.

While LED mini-lights would cost just $0.82, the traditional incandescent C-9 lights are estimated to cost $10. This makes it clear that some traditional lights may cost you more than 12 times as much as LED lights.

But to be fair, you won’t have the same type of savings when you compare with the other relatively more energy efficient lights. This is especially because the incandescent bulbs often tend to be the least energy efficient lighting option.

So let us compare the other popular types of commercial lighting options as well, while using some reliable sources and research as base for our numbers.

Now, a 6W commercial LED bulb may cost you an estimated $1.65 per year, assuming you’re using it for 8 hours a day. Comparing it to the halogen equivalent of a 6W commercial LED bulb, your cost may turn out to be an estimated $13.72. That’s not a bad saving at all.

Coming to fluorescent bulb, it may cost you an estimated $17.84 against its LED equivalent costing you an estimated $6.86.

The numbers tell you the story. It’s easy to conclude that with LED lighting, you may easily be able to save anywhere between 60 to over 90 percent to reduce your commercial lighting bills.

And that’s without even getting into the difference in the lifespan of LED lights and the other types of lights, and also the maintenance costs. It’s estimated that you may need to replace up to 30 halogen bulbs for the lifespan of one LED bulb. For fluorescent bulbs, this ratio may turn out to be at 5:1, meaning you would need to replace 5 fluorescent bulbs before having to replace your first LED bulb, thereby reducing your commercial lighting bills

There are also better other benefits of using LED lights for commercial facilities like the ability to dim them as per your needs, no warm-up period, more control and versatility and so on to help you reduce your commercial lighting bills.  Please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.

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