The Biggest Reason you Need LED Lighting in the Distribution and Warehouse Industry

LED warehouse lighting can save you money. There is one interesting feature of LED lighting that people don’t usually talk about, yet it’s one of the most important reasons to change your lighting fixtures if you haven’t already and you own a distribution center or warehouse. People do one thing in a distribution center and warehouse, and that’s work. The LED industry is taking the world by storm, and warehouse owners and managers are changing their warehouse lighting fixtures from the older fluorescent or metal-halide lamps to the much better and more modern LED lights – for not only their cost-savings.

Every LED company will tell you about the reduced costs and better maintenance associated with LED lights. After all, LEDs are far more efficient than older lights, and it’s easy to put that efficiency into numbers. But there is something that’s not mentioned all that much, and this is the main reason to change to LED.

Can you guess what it is? It has to do with the most important part of your distribution business: your employees. Yes, LEDs actually help boost employee morale. How does this happen, though? Do LEDs emit some sort of magic light, or is this just some mumbo-jumbo we talk about just to hook you? Well, it’s simpler than that.

The Biggest Reason you Need LED Lighting in the Distribution and Warehouse Industry National LEDWe have seen first-hand how changing the lighting of a warehouse to LEDs has helped increase the profit of the company. The main problem warehouse employees have is that they cannot work properly with fluorescent or metal-halide lamps. This happens for a few reasons.

The number one reason for employee dissatisfaction in warehouses is poor lighting. Your employees either cannot see the items in the warehouse properly or they cannot move across the aisles easily.

Old fluorescent lights or metal-halide lamps are the culprits here. The light coming from such sources is harder to control and harder to maintain at a proper level. If the fixtures also flicker, this adds to your already existing problems and it annoys your employees. This lowers the morale and the overall efficiency in your warehouse.

Upgrading your fixtures to LED warehouse lighting eliminates this problem completely. If the LEDs are installed properly, they provide more light for less hassle, and they give you a higher degree of control. Our team of experts at National LED has years of experience and thousands of projects backing it, making it the best choice for upgrading old equipment to the modern lighting fixtures.

And, since we mentioned money, it is time we talk about it…

Better working conditions, less $ spent

How efficient could LEDs be? After all, they provide more control, are easier to maintain, and they increase employee productivity. They must cost a fortune, right?

Actually, they cost peanuts. All the other costs related to LEDs are offset by their efficiency. LEDs use only 10% of the energy incandescent lights use, so they practically pay for themselves. But how can LEDs achieve this, and what does this mean for you, as a warehouse owner?

The old lights transform into heat up to 90% of all the energy they use. As a result, they eat up a lot of energy and provide marginal gains. But that is not the worst part. The worst part is that old light fixtures heat up your warehouse. This creates additional costs for you: now you also need to spend a lot of money on keeping a constant temperature for your products.

Not only are older lights worse when it comes to energy consumption, but they also come with an associated AC cost. Changing your lights to LED lights would be the best possible upgrade when it comes to the price/quality ratio. For a low cost, you would be saving a ton of money in the long run.

Many of our clients have told us how happy they are with the LEDs our experts have installed, and just as many clients talk about another cost-saving feature of LED lighting: LEDs last far longer than older lights. How longer? Ten times longer.

If handled properly, LED lights are sturdy and outlast any other readily-available artificial light source. Thanks to this, they reduce maintenance costs significantly: the fewer times you have to call for an LED change, the more money you save.

Safer for your employees, safer for the environment

LED lights are sturdy. In fact, we could say that LEDs are tanks while incandescent lights are rusty cars. Traditional lighting devices use neon gas or filaments to illuminate areas. These filaments tended to overheat and weaken over time, breaking quite fast. Sometimes, when they break, they shatter and small pieces of glass fall everywhere.

This is a potential hazard for your employees, and it’s not good for either you or your employees if they get hurt during work. Warehouses imply big, open spaces, and a lot of movements between aisles. Accidents can always happen, and if you use normal incandescent lamps, you need to take preventive measures just so that your employees don’t get hurt when a lamp fails.

LEDs are built to last for a long time, even under high amounts of stress. They are the wise choice for keeping your employees safe. This also helps with maintenance costs. Since LEDs don’t break as easily, you don’t have to call the maintenance team to fix them so often. This saves you both time and money. But LEDs don’t just keep your employees safe.

They also keep the environment safe. Older lights are made with noxious chemicals that can pollute the environment once the lights are disposed of in landfills. LEDs, however, are made entirely from non-toxic materials that are eco-friendly once they are disposed of.

National LED: the smart choice

LEDs can be great and cost-effective, but only if they are installed properly. It’s always good to ask an expert about which LEDs would work best for your space. If you were to choose everything by yourself, there would be countless factors you would need to consider, from color temperature to light coverage.

To help you out, we offer a free consultation to help set you up with the best lighting fixtures for your particular warehouse. Contact us now for a free consultation about LED warehouse lighting.

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