High Bay LED Lights and Warehouses

LED lights are the most efficient and versatile lighting option for all types of spaces, particularly for large spaces like warehouses. However, they come in many different types to serve different needs, so you need to make sure you choose the right type of LED lights to get the most out of them and illuminate your space adequately.

So in this post, we are going to talk about high bay LED lights or high bay LED shop lights, as they are designed to be a great option for warehouse spaces with tall ceilings.

What Are High Bay LED Lights?

As the name suggests, high bay LED lights are designed for warehouse spaces with high ceilings. To be specific, high bay LED shop lights are an ideal option for warehouses where the ceilings are 20 to 45 feet high. The same way you have low bay LED lights for spaces with ceilings less than 20 feet from the floor.

High bay LED lights are very powerful as they need to have better illumination than their low bay counterparts given the bigger space between the floor and the ceiling. The right high bay LED lights would illuminate large warehouses with tall ceilings very easily, keeping the entire space sufficiently bright.

Uses and Applications

As we explained above, high bay LED lights are an excellent option for all spaces with a more demanding lighting requirement and high ceilings. This generally includes many large warehouses, but high bay LED shop lights are also a great fit for many industrial and commercial spaces as well.

They are used in many different industries as well, particularly in factories, workshops and assembly lines. But the applications of these lights don’t end here, thanks to their amazing versatility and powerful illumination capabilities.

While they are kind of a go-to option for large warehouses and storage facilities, it’s also not uncommon to see them being used in large gyms and recreational facilities with big ceilings as well. Similarly, everything from a large conference hall to event centers – pretty much anything that has a tall ceiling or a higher elevation – can use high bay LED lights.

Benefits of High Bay LED Lights

While high bay lights also come in other types of lighting like metal halides and fluorescent lights, there not a match for high bay LED lights that offer many unique advantages over their traditional counterparts.

One of the biggest benefits is their clear, uniform, powerful lighting on the areas below them. And unlike other types of lighting options, you get this clean, clear and bright lighting with little to no glare, which definitely helps create a productive working environment.

The high bay LED shop lights are also very versatile and come with different types of reflectors designed to meet different types of illumination requirements. For instance, there are aluminum reflectors that are designed to direct the light right to the floor below them, while something known as prismatic reflectors offers a better distributed lighting that’s ideal for workspace with shelves or other objects elevated from the floor.

Some of the other benefits are common with LED lights in general, and include the ones being mentioned below.

  • A much longer lifespan than metal halide or fluorescent high bay lights
  • Greater energy savings as they offer a much better lumen production for the wattage they consume, compared to the traditional options
  • The retention of their lighting efficiency is great unlike the traditional options which become much less efficient as they approach 50 to 70 percent of their lifespan, and often need to be replaced due to this
  • Very little or no heat produced, which in itself offers a variety of benefits from a more comfortable workspace to lower air conditioning costs