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Commercial LED Warehouses Solutions

National LED can install 100 fixtures or 10,000 LED fixtures throughout the United States. We have worked with nationwide companies such as United Airlines, Toyota, Dollar General, Advanced Auto Parts, Gamestop and Cubesmart.

27W LED Tubes National LED

27W LED Tubes

15.9W LED Tubes National LED

15.9W LED Tubes

14-22W Type C Series LED Tubes National LED

14-22W Type C Series LED Tubes

10.9W LED Tubes National LED

10.9W LED Tubes

LSF1 National LED


SGM National LED


L-Grid®2EH 1x1 National LED

L-Grid®2EH 1×1

L-Grid®2EH 1x1 National LED

L-Grid®2EH 1×1

QubePAK3 National LED


LinearStar National LED


DoradoXLE National LED


BayLine National LED


L-Grid®2EH 2x2 National LED

L-Grid®2EH 2×2

L-Grid  Edge Xtreme XL National LED

L-Grid Edge Xtreme XL

L-Trim SOL XL National LED


L-Grid®3 2x2 National LED

L-Grid®3 2×2

Why Choose National LED for Your warehouse LED Lighting Conversion?

At National LED, we’re known for providing state-of-art LED lighting and solutions for all kinds of commercial warehouses. When you are looking for a company to provide you with a high-quality LED lighting solution, we can give you the service that you want. We have provided LED lighting for companies such as Advanced Auto Parts, Cubesmart, Toyota and United Airlines. These are companies with commercial warehouses that are important to their operations.

We can help you with integrating LED lighting to your specific warehouse needs from the ideas all the way to the completion of the project. We’ve completed thousands of LED installations for companies all over the United States, and we have our work down to a science. The products that we offer are made in the United States and created for their efficiency and effectiveness. We know that each warehouse has specific needs and we work to create a unique solution based don those needs.

How Your Warehouse can Benefit from Our LED Lighting Warehouses

LED lighting’s very important to a modern business. This isn’t just because it’s energy-efficient and that it saves a business money, but it also gives you many practical applications in your warehouse.

Reducing Energy Costs

Warehouses are often very large in size and they need a lot of lighting. When you have us install LED lighting in your warehouse, you are going to discover that your energy costs are lower. Once you have LED lighting put into your warehouse, you can reduce your energy costs by 75%.

Better Warehouse Safety

Lighting will also play a big role in the safety of your warehouse employees. Keeping your warehouse properly illuminated will make sure that they can see any hazards in the warehouse and reduce the chance of accidents happening. Having LED lighting also can help your employees stay awake and alert. The LED lights that we offer are made to properly illuminate the spaces and corners in the warehouse. With the right type of lighting solutions, you will have fewer accidents in the warehouse and safer employees.

Customizable Options

We know that your warehouse is unique and that what works in one warehouse may not work in yours. That’s why we create a LED lighting solution that is right for you and for your warehouse. We will take a look at your warehouse’s design and architecture so that we can create a LED lighting solution that is right for you. We will start by creating a customized photometric layout of the property and then we’ll talk about how the warehouse is used each day. We’ll create a solution that is made just for you and for your needs. Check out some of our case studies on warehouse LED integrations.

Types of LED Lighting You can use in Your Warehouses

We have a lot of different types of outdoor and indoor commercial LED lighting options that you can choose from, so you can find the one that is just right for your needs. Each of our lights come with a 10-year Manufacturer Warranty, and customer satisfaction is our highest priority. There are many LED lighting choices for warehouses, and they include ceiling bay lights, light grids and many other types.

Conclusion – The Only Choice for LEDs

When you are looking for a company to install LED lighting in your warehouse, we hope that you will choose us. At National LED, we work together with you to ensure that the lighting solution that you receive is the one that you want. Our LED lighting solutions are offered at a reasonable cost and they help you save money. Why not choose a company that has worked with well-known companies all over the country?

Do you want to learn more? Contact us and let us know what questions you have. We are always glad to answer your questions and let you know how we can help your warehouse be as efficient and safe as it can be.


Unmatched Customer Service

At National LED, our customers come first. We understand that your time and money are valuable, which is why we offer custom-tailored LED lighting solutions to help you reach your goals.

National LED goes above and beyond to provide you with money-saving analysis, rebate management, and much more. We have highly-trained professionals that are standing by to help you, no matter your lighting needs.

National LED is not just a lighting fixture manufacturer. We care about our clients and strive to ensure your business has the perfect LED lighting fit the first time around. A combination of our cutting edge software and a team of highly trained professionals ensure that you get the best gas station LED solutions to suit your business.

Why National LED

You can rely on National LED for all types of LED Warehouses solutions. There are many advantages to choosing LED, and by choosing us, you can benefit from a professional company that always goes a step further for our customers. We are proud to be made in the USA, and we provide standout service.

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