High Bay Led Shop Lights

The High Bay LED Shop Lights are a must-have integration to having a better commercial space, this will influence both your employees and your customers. 

You may already know that a right and efficient lighting solution in your shop will set the right mood that encourages your customers’ shopping motivations, highlighting your best-selling product with a High Bay LED Shop light will bring a lot of benefits to your shop. Not to talk about the fact that good lighting will ensure a safer and functional work environment. 

The High Bay LED Shop Lights are one of the best solutions so far, being cost-efficient, easy to maintain, and great for setting a fantastic ambiance inside your shop.

If this isn’t enough to convince you to buy High Bay LED Shop Lights, keep reading, before you finish the reading you will have no other choice!

warehouse led upgrade
High Bay LED Shopping Lights for warehouse

Benefits of High Bay LED Shop Lights for your store

Do you think bad lighting in your shop the cause of negative sales? You are probably not wrong! This retail era takes up a lot of new integrations for running a successful store. While many factors affect the purchase decision on your customers, some more others may influence it; lighting needs to be used in such a way to draw the customer’s attention into a product and persuade him to buy. You probably do either have out-dated fluorescent lights or the high-intensity discharge lamp lights that have been fixed in your shop for ages. These prehistoric light solutions are costing you more than what you can imagine. The solution has always been here at National LED, and in case you did not notice, let’s go with a further explanation.

1. Cut down your electricity bill

For every shop owner, saving up on their shop’s electricity bill is most likely one of the biggest goals. And yes, energy saving is one of the most remarkable advantages of using High Bay LED Shop Lights. By switching to High Bay LED Shop Lights, you’re chopping your energy bill up to 60%! To put things into another perspective, you would be saving around $300 a year on every light fixture you change for High Bay LED Shop Lights.

2. Lighting Performance

High Bay LED Shop Lights are not only superior in terms of energy saving, but their performance is outstanding, unlike whatever alternative you can find on the market! These lights have an instant start-up time and are less prone to lumen depreciation. And if you want to cut your electric bill even more, you will be able to manipulate the brightness levels.

3. Low Maintenance

When comparing the High Bay LED Shop Lights to fluorescent lights, they are about 10 times more durable, with a lifespan of about 50,000 hours, not to mention the 10 years warranty.

4. Lighting as a sales funnel

Our High Bay LED Shop Lights will be your lifelong sales partners! Have you ever heard about how does Ikea keeps its customers’ eyes on the products? Our High Bay LED Shopping Lights will help you achieve an Ikea effect.

5. Easy Installation

Converting from these fluorescent lights does not mean you will need to change your entire fixture layout, several High Bay LED retrofit kits make the installation super easy, and if you are up for it, why not doing it by yourself?

6. Safety

The High Bay LED Shop Lights also enhance the safety of the employees working in your store by providing a more enlightened environment, and thanks to a psychological factor, they will increase the productivity levels and make the working environment more comfortable

Types of High Bay LED Shop Lights

There are a lot of shape options for High Bay LED Shop Lights for commercial spaces. They can be linear, round, slim, wide, long, you name it. Each of them has diverse uses and can work better depending on the place.

At National LED, we do this as quickly as so you can better understand the different types of High Bay LED Shop Lights,

Round High Bay LED Shop Lights

Yes, the well known UFO lights. Many shop owners prefer UFO high bay LEDs because of their stupidly simple installation process, requiring a single hanging point.

If your store has a high ceiling, Round High Bay LED Shop Lights are your best option to go.

Linear High Bay LED Shop Lights

For many store owners, these lights are the go-to lighting option. They replicate the T8 bulbs in terms of design (although they’re two very different things). If you have a large store, you might find this option more suitable as a less amount of Linear High Bay LED Shop Lights can illuminate a larger space at a time.

BayLine High Bay LED Luminaire Implement in a Service
BayLine High Bay LED Shopping Lights

Why you should be using High Bay LED Shop Lights

Our High Bay LED Shop Lights are the best option for commercial and retrofit applications. Its scalability, combined with multiple beam angle options, means they can light it all. Get started with National LED to get a 10-year warranty, next day shipping, and a hand from our experts in installation.

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