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Have you ever heard about how LED lighting is saving sports lighting? All the value it has for the spectator viewing experience, or how LED lighting is saving sports teams millions of dollars. Far from all the benefits at an institutional level, there is nothing more exciting and satisfying than watching a match of your favorite team, the passion and euphoria that both the pitch and the crowd radiate, a whole experience, brought by a good LED lighting that helps not to lose any detail.

With this said, don’t you think an investment in LED light is key to success? — Keep reading to find out how National LED and LED sports lighting can help your organization.

Why LED Sports Lighting are so popular?

The popularity of LED sports lighting is rapidly growing especially for the outdoor LED lighting fixtures. The technology used in LED sports lighting is 3 times brighter and more efficient than standard halide lighting. Not to mention the fact that they consume up to 75-85% less energy.

Just to describe a real-life example of the difference between these technologies, In 2012, the War Memorial Arena in Syracuse, New York (home of the AHL’s Syracuse Crunch) reduced its power usage from 263,000 kilowatts to roughly 32,000 kilowatts by switching to LED. Yes, that’s a huge 87% difference in consumption.

This makes the LED sports lighting ideal for installation, replacement, and retrofitting in sports fields, grounds, pitches, and stadiums, helping sports teams save millions of dollars.

Benefits of LED Sports Lighting

  1. Low Maintenance Cost

LED sport light fixtures not only produce lighter, brighter, and better quality light with less energy, but require minimal maintenance and have enough useful life spans to avoid repetitive repairs.

  1. Less Power Consumption

Over 95% of all the electricity required is used to turn the light on, losing less than 5%.

  1. Efficiency

Yes, as simple as that, LED sports lighting use switched-mode sources, exceeding 95% efficiency. They incorporate a capacitor that redistributes and compensates the voltage better. This makes for better stability and less interference in the electrical circuit.

  1. Anti-glare System

LED Sport lighting fixtures are an anti-glare system. By looking straight at it, it won’t make people feel dazzled. LED spotlights are comfortable to look at because they have a built-in anti-glare system.

This means that both players and the public will not feel uncomfortable or blind in an environment with LED lights.

  1. Reduced Heat Generation

LEDs emit very little heat. Despite what media says, LED sports lighting generate heat as does anything that consumes electricity, but it will be a fraction of that compared to a traditional technology bulb.

  1. Enhanced Dimming

LED sports lights have an adjustable color temperature and dimming for the multi-venue sports arena. And yes, as semiconductor devices, they are also inherently compatible with dimming controls.

  1. Digital Lighting Control

LEDs also offer digital lighting control systems. It means that there is a wide range of apps and control systems that give you features like light mode presets, remote checking, auto-off, etc. All these give you greater and smarter control over the usage and efficiency of the lights.

  1. Broadcast Friendly

Whether it’s for television, or to make streams on Facebook Live or any other platform, LED sports lights are broadcast-friendly, because they oscillate at a quite higher rate hence removing the changes of flickering. Unlike regular LED lights, that have stroboscopic or flickering effects harmful to a certain degree.

  1. Instant Reaction Times

You may have noticed that the big old lamps in the stadiums take several minutes to light up completely. Well, that doesn’t happen with LED technology.

  1. Colder Light Source

Unlike common metal halide systems, LEDs produce much less heat, which means less light loss.

Is LED Sports Lighting ideal for my organization?

There are few points to keep in mind if one is intending to mount LED sports lights. These points have a potential effect on the amount and type of lighting, one may purchase.

Determine and use the parameters of the stadium or sports complex properly. The length, width, pole heights, and positions need to be taken into account for the ideal lighting layout.

The standard variance on the lux and the illumination uniformity ⁠— The more uptight the uniformity and illuminance are the more lights or the higher luminosity grade you need to install.

Think about maintenance. It is a huge concern in LED stadium lights since the lamps are always mounting so high, making the maintenance process more difficult.

LED sports lights may be more expensive than Metal Halide, but keeping these features in mind while making a purchase can be a game-changer in your budget.


Be it an indoor or an outdoor game, proper lighting creates the primary difference between a successful and an unsuccessful event. Nowadays, LED sports lighting uses the best technology and is by far the best solution on the market.

LED lights are the best option to save energy, and as it goes, National LED is a leader in the U.S. lighting equipment installation industry, having successfully completed thousands of installations across the country for a wide range of internationally renowned companies.

From a professional point of view, we can say that the only drawback to LED sports lighting is that it requires a higher initial investment, but the energy savings from using LED sports lighting is a significant advantage, and it will be 100% worth the investment after some months.

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