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LED lights are the latest technology in energy-efficient lighting. They are getting their popularity for their great longevity, instant lighting, low temperatures, and many more advantages that LED technology has against any other alternatives.

With time, LED technology has evolved, offering more efficient qualities, shapes, sizes, and producing sustainability lights. Troffer LED lights are among those decent generations of LED lights, paving their way into offices, malls, buildings, and so on. The Troffer lighting is becoming the default choice of many buyers over fluorescent, due to all the advantages of LEDs.

One of the most recent projects with Troffer LED Lighting by National LED was for the Houston television station owned by The Walt Disney Companies, ABC 13. Since we thought it would serve as a guide for many people we made an ABC 13 case study.

What exactly are the Troffer LED Lighting Fixtures?

Troffer lighting is an indoor lighting fixture. This rectangular-shaped LED flat panel is attached within the ceiling or metal ceiling grids.

The Troffer Lighting fixtures come in mainly 3 sizes – 1×4, 2×2, and 2×4. And are the best fits for workspaces.

Fluorescent Lights, and why you shouldn’t be using them

Fluorescent lights were booming for some time. We thought they would be the ultimate solution, but now they’re just being replaced by LED technology. Find out why Fluorescent lights are a thing of the past down below.

  • Poor Performance

Fluorescent lights are well known for the high temperatures at which they work, which compromise the quality of lighting. Thus, unlike LEDs, their intensity is not adjustable, so the user wasn’t able to adapt it to its performance requirements.

  • High Energy Consumption

Yes, fluorescent lights were once a suitable alternative to the old light sources, however, LED technology came to surpass that, being more efficient in all ways, saving up to 35% in consumption.

  • High Maintenance Cost

And if we talk about highs, one thing that you can’t ignore is their high cost of maintenance, This is the factor that most influences the decision between buying Troffer LED Lighting or not. Not to talk about their durability. If the fixtures are in an environment of full-time use, the condition of the fixture will deteriorate, because they have a lifespan of 10,000 to 30,000 hours.

In maintenance costs, we are talking about $2,952 over the course of 3 years with Troffer lighting.

  • Low Recycling Possibilities and Environmental Friendliness

Maybe you didn’t know, but fluorescent lamps have mercury inside, so it can’t be commonly disposed of. And also, they produce slight amounts of UV rays, which are harmful to skin and plants.

Why prefer LED Troffer Lighting over Fluorescent Lighting?

Today, LED lightings are winning the markets as they have performed remarkably efficient for several building types. LED Troffer Lights provide a range of benefits over the traditional fluorescent lights in workspaces.

National LED has also done a variety of work, for example, Cube Smart Storage Units. This is a project where Troffer LED Lighting units were installed in its offices, and where multiple MEPs and architects worked to ensure that the client received exactly what he wanted. Feel free to take a further read of our case study about Cube Smart Storage Units.

Now, without further ado, let’s turn to the advantages:

  • Dimming Control System

The LED panel troffers 1×4, 2×2, and 2×4, now come with a dimming feature. We can dim the Troffer lighting to save a huge amount of energy without compromising the quality of LED lights.

Their dimming control system (0–10v) makes these LED lights a preferred choice as they help to dim the lights down to reduce peak demand electricity charges.

  • Better Energy Saving

Since we can control their dimming Troffer lighting, it brings us to where we can save an extensive amount of energy. LED Troffer Lights has a record of charging 22 to 50 watts (a 40 – 60% reduction in energy consumption over the fluorescent lights fixtures). We can save up to $81 in electricity costs per fixture per year by using LED troffer 2×4.

  • Record maintenance cost savings

All our LED troffer lights have a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Their performance will grow with their functional life, resulting in a good lifespan of 25.000 to 5.000 hours. The fixtures are also immune to damages caused by frequent uses.

Therefore, the maintenance cost is reduced in such environments where LED lights are frequently used. In a warehouse or commercial lighting space, keeping our metrics, you can save up to $2,952 every 3 years.

  • Adaptable to Control the Light System

LED troffers or Troffer lighting are more adaptable to control color rendering. These lights are available in a wide range of correlated color temperatures (CCTs) and color rendering index (CRI). Its presence makes the user able to select desired level lights for a given working environment and space.

  • More Affordable Prices

Another reason to choose Troffer LED Lighting over fluorescent lamps is the price. Nowadays, the Troffer LED Lighting systems are way cheaper than fluorescent ones.


With a brief analysis of the scenario, I think it goes without saying that we have a very obvious winner – Troffer lighting. Yes, the Troffer LED Lighting systems. They have proven to be more efficient, and greater from every perspective.

The Troffer lighting system takes place in almost every workspace, the world is developing towards a more technological and efficient era, looking for more environmentally friendly ways, losing nothing along the process.

At National LED, we make sure of providing top-notch solutions Troffer lighting solutions for different industries across the US. If you’re looking for commercial LED lighting, then look no further! Get started now.

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