National LED is the premier turnkey supplier for indoor& outdoor parking structure LED lighting solutions. Equipped with dedicated project management, in-house engineering support, & Photometric layout capabilities allow National LED to provide levels of customer service and customer satisfaction that are second to none.


Parking garages & structures must project three things: safety, visibility, and reliability. National Houston LED parking lights is your leading solution to illuminate your parking structure. In addition to the direct benefit of increased illumination and decreased energy costs; LED lighting technologies promote a multitude of indirect benefits to patrons and owners alike.

LED Lighting is Essential for safety

Poorly illuminated parking structures can foster an environment prone to mishapsranging from criminals to car accidents. Properly planned and installed LED lighting can serve as an effective crime deterrent while simultaneously promoting a safe environment

Photometric Study

A photometric study is extremely useful for led lighting. This means no areas are overlooked, and every inch of your parking structure is adequately and uniformly lit. National Houston LED parking lights will offer a specialized plan for your parking area utilizing the features of a photometric study to provide a digital rendering of your structure while cross referencing lamp placement & lamp output capabilities to provide the most effective illumination solution to your space.

When retrofitting your facilities with LED lamps it is especially beneficial to conduct a photometric study. Photometrics create a model of your facility and build custom solutions to properly illuminate your space. A photometric study is the only way to guarantee adequate LED lighting before installation. This study serves as your guide to product selection and proper brightness without leaving these important details to chance.

Operations Optimization

Houston LED parking lights systems can reduce energy costs by as much as 80%. In addition to reducing overhead expense, the longevity of LED lighting will reduce replacement cost and maintenance expenses associated with bulb replacement. National LED’s Dorado XLP luminaires offer an array of features to accommodate any pole or area lighting requirement. Some additional key features of these product include an assortment of light distributions, various mounting methods, and luminaire finishes. When coupled with high performance LEDs & drivers, the Dorado XLP will shine bright for years to come!