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Round High/Low Bay Gen 1

HFO G1 National LEDHFO G1 National LEDHFO G1 National LEDHFO G1 National LEDHFO G1 National LED



The HFO Series UFO High/Low Bay is a well-designed disc-shape, compact, and efficient luminaire that delivers between 12,400 to 25,800 lumens. Higher quality of illumination and easy to install with three different types of mounting including hook, surface, and pendent. This fixture has an ambient temperature rating of 55°C and mounting height up to 30 feet. This economical fixture is perfectly suited for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications including warehouses, factories, and gymnasiums.

Commercial, Retail, and Institutional Applications, etc.

250W – 400W MH

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Ordering Information
Wattage 67W, 97W, 140W, 180W, 215W Lumen Output 9100 LM , 12300 LM , 17500 LM , 24500 LM, 29000 LM
Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) 4000K , 5000K Color Rendering Index (CRI) 80
Control Motion Sensor On/Off , High Bay Sensor Cont Dimming Accessories Emergency Battery Kit, Motion Sensor, Emergency Battery
Mounting Type Hook Mount , Pendent Mount, Surface Mount Environment Indoor
Shape Round Listings UL , DLC Premium , FCC
IP Rating IP65 Product Type High / Low Bay
Generation G1 Color & Finish Polyester Powder Black finish
Light Source LED – Static Voltage Rating Standard 120-277V ,HVU 347-480V
Warranty 5 Year Labor Warranty No
UFO High Bay 9050 Lm 67W
12300 Lm 97W
17500 Lm 140W
24800 Lm 180W
24500 Lm 190W
29000 Lm 215W
Gen 1 120-277V
Black No Options
PIR Motion Sensor w/L3 Lens

No Options
Mounting Bracket Kit

No Options
Emergency Battery Backup

No Options
5KA/10KV Surge Protection device single phase
10KA/20KV Surge Protection device single phase

Part Number Description
MS-FSP-212 Dimmable Motion Sensor
SS450-02 On-Site Wireless Controller

Frequently Asked Questions

LEDs can be programmed to create dynamic lighting effects that enhance the game-day experience for everyone involved and can provide superior lighting for playing fields and arenas, improving visibility for athletes and spectators alike.

One of the biggest benefits of commercial LED lighting is the decrease in energy costs. Traditional incandescent and metal-halide lights can use up to four times as much energy as commercial LED lights. This decrease in energy consumption not only saves money, but also helps reduce your facility’s carbon footprint.

Commercial LED lights also last much longer than traditional lighting options. While incandescent bulbs typically only last around 1,000 hours, commercial LED lights can last up to 100,000 hours. This not only reduces maintenance and replacement costs, but also reduces the amount of time your facility needs to be dark while lights are being replaced.

Another key benefit of commercial LED lighting is increased safety. Because commercial LED lights produce ve ry little heat, there is less risk of fire hazards. Additionally, commercial LED lights can be designed with specific light patterns that can help improve visibility for athletes and spectators alike. This improved visibility can help prevent accidents and injuries on the playing field or in the stands.

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