• Key Features
    • Modern LED replacement for traditional fluorescent or HID fixtures.

    • Elegant yet rugged construction effortlessly integrates with existing architecture.

    • Adjustable, full-cutoff design with a tilt mechanism that allows for precise aiming.

    • Night sky friendly: eliminates light pollution and minimizes glare.

  • Construction
    • Robust die-cast aluminum housing protects integral components from harsh environments and optimizes thermal management.

    • Housing is protected by a corrosion resistant bronze powder coat finish.

    • IP65 rated enclosure prevents intrusion from environmental elements that could degrade performance.

  • Electrical
    • 120-277VAC. 0-10V dimming standard.

    • System power factor >90% and THD <20%.

    • Photocell/motion sensor available.

    • Operating temperature: -40°C to +40°C (-40°F to +104°F)

  • Optics
    • Type II or Type IV optical distribution.

    • Industry leading LEDs with 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K CCT (minimum 70 CRI).

    • Lumen Maintenance: 100,000 hours (L70)

  • Mounting
    • Luminaire is ready to be surface mounted.

  • Warranty
    • Backed by US LED’s industry-leading Ten-Year Warranty.

  • Specs
    Color Temperatures: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
    Max Lumens: 14007
    Voltage: 120-277V
    Wattage: 37W, 58W, 70W, 100W
    Additional Options: Photocell

Why National LED’s QubePAK Regal 3 LED wall pack is perfect for commercial exterior applications

The QubePAK Regal 3 LED wall pack from National LED is the perfect solution for providing superior illumination in commercial exterior applications. With two optical distribution types and sizes to choose from, this sleek package offers a complete site-wide lighting experience that will have your building looking good while also being highly functional with top performance!

Some of the key benefits of choosing National LED’s QubePAK Regal 3 LED wall pack include:

– Energy efficiency: With its high-efficiency LEDs, the QubePAK Regal 3 wall pack can help you save on energy costs compared to traditional wallpack lights.

– Durability: The QubePAK Regal 3 is built to last, with a tough housing that can withstand the elements and a variety of temperatures.

– Versatility: With its two optical distribution types, the QubePAK Regal 3 can be used in a variety of applications, making it a versatile addition to your lighting plan.

If you’re looking for an LED wall pack that offers superior performance and energy savings, National LED’s QubePAK Regal 3 is the perfect choice!

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