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    Key Features
    • Ultra-fast DC charging units with IP55 protection and IK10 vandal-proof casing.
    • Multi-standard: CCS1 & CHAdeMO.
    • Network or standalone operation.
    • 7” LCD screen with user-friendly interface.
    • Secure RFID or mobile app authentication what allows easy access for EV drivers.
    • Supports smart charging and load balancing.
    • OCPP 1.6 JSON compliant
    • 30kW Unit Dimensions: 24 in. x 9 in. x 27 in.
    • 60kW Unit Dimensions: 28 in. x 13 in. x 71 in.
    • 120kW Unit Dimensions: 32 in. x 26 in. x 75 in.
    • 30kW Net Weight: Single plug 176 lbs. or dual plug 194 lbs.
    • 60kW Net Weight: ≤518 lbs. ±1%
    • 120kW Net Weight: ≤926 lbs. ±1%
    • CHAdeMO compliant high-power charger connectors standard.
    • Cable Length: 16 ft. Standard; 23 ft. optional.
    • Cable management system provides the appropriate reach while keeping cables off the ground in between use.
    • 480VAC Three Phase; 50Hz/60Hz.
    • PF: >0.99 (APFC)Efficiency ≥ 94%
    • Operating Temperature: -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to +122°F).°F).
    • Interface: RFID supports ISO/IEC 14443A/B, ISO/IEC 15693, FeliCa™ Lite-S, OCPP, 2D barcode, APP, & mobile payment.
    • External: Ethernet, 4G, and Wi-Fi
    • Optional OCPP-compliant back-end management software available (consult factory).
    • 30kW unit can be wall mounted or installed with a pedestal.
    • 60kW and 120kW units are installed with a pedestal only.
    • Consult factory for more information on installation.
    • Backed by NationalLED’s Two-Year Warranty.

The Advantages of owning an EV Charger

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more and more popular. And as EVs become more popular, so too does the need for EV chargers.

If you own commercial property, then installing an EV charger can be a great way to attract new customers and drive traffic to your business. Here are just some of the advantages of owning an EV charger:

1. You’ll Be Ahead of the Curve

By installing an EV charger now, you’ll be ahead of the curve and prepared for the future. As EVs become more popular, the demand for charging stations will only increase. By having an EV charger at your commercial property, you’ll be able to meet this demand and stay ahead of your competition.

2. You Can Attract New Customers

Installing an EV charger can help you attract new customers, as many EV owners are always on the lookout for new places to charge their vehicles. Having an EV charger at your commercial property will make it more convenient for EV owners and entice them to visit your business.

3. You Can Increase Your Property’s Value

Not only will installing an EV charger help drive traffic to your commercial property, but it can also increase the value of your property. As EVs become more popular and the demand for charging stations increases, properties with EV chargers will become more valuable. This is something to keep in mind if you’re ever thinking about selling your commercial property.

4. You Can Help the Environment

By owning an EV charger, you’ll not only be helping EV owners, but you’ll also be helping the environment. EVs emit far less greenhouse gases than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, so by providing a place for EV owners to charge their vehicles, you’ll be playing a small part in reducing pollution and making the world a little bit greener.

If you own commercial property, then installing an EV charger is a great way to stay ahead of the curve, attract new customers, and increase the value of your property. Not to mention, you’ll also be helping the environment!

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