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Wireless Lighting Control

LED Lighting Control
verizon certified wireless lighting control system
Wireless Lighting Control 1

We all know that timers are difficult and time-consuming to set up. This is why our patented Lighting Control Monitoring Service (LCMS) and Lighting Control Systems makes it easy for you by replacing outdated, inefficient systems with the most cost-effective option: energy savings! The LCMS system allows us great flexibility in terms of which lights type should go off if there’s no movement within a certain period.
Our system is simple to use it connects wirelessly with a Verizon cell module, and you can control an entire parking lot and more with it.
The features of our lighting control system make it easy for you to enjoy a harmony between your outdoor and indoor environment. You can control your lights on any device, and our controls will be automatically adjusted both in time with astrological events as well as Daylight Savings Time–all without having an electrician come out! You can expect 20% increased energy efficiency when using these technologies because we know how important sustainability is nowadays.


Stop Wasting Money- Eliminate daylight burn

Replaces timers & photocells- Simple and Easy retrofit

One Unit controls all lights: Not fixture by fixture

ROI less than one year- Pays for itself quickly

Connects to the internet- Cellular–no landline/wi-fi needed


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  • Saves money, energy and time
  • ROI of less than one year (in most cases)
  • No huge upfront cost/No long-term contracts
  • Eliminate the hassles of resetting timers andreplacing faulty photocells
  • It is a “set it and forget it” controller
  • You don’t have to pay a service charge tochange the schedule (call us for free or do itonline yourself)
  • You don’t need a PhD in Electrical Engineeringto operate it, change the schedule, or readthe manual (or just call us for free)
  • Patented “Green” Technology–potential LEEDpoints; California Title 24 Certified)
  • We are honest, hard-working people withawesome customer service and a lifetimewarranty
  • Two Channels (you can run two different schedules)
  • Easy and quick retrofit of existing timers andphotocells
  • Has a Verizon cell module in it so you can control itover the internet (doesn’t need wi-fi, ethernet, or alandline)
  • Way more accurate than timers, photocells, andEMS Systems (uses GPS coordinates of your exactlocation)
  • Automatic daily adjustments for changing sunrise/sunset time
  • Automatic adjustment for daylight savings time andpower outages
  • Notifies you or your staff of power outages via textand email
  • You get your own webpage with all of your units,schedules, runtimes, etc.

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