HISCO Office 2×4 Troffer and Warehouse Highbay LED Conversion

Hisco Office LED Upgrage

Hisco, a specialty distribution company serving many markets, upgrades its Houston location with the help of National LED to improve operations and better serve their customers. The lighting experts at National LED worked closely with US LED to develop a turnkey solution that could be deployed in less than 30 days without interrupting operations. Across […]

Houston LED Building Retrofit

ABC13 News Station LED Lighting

ABC 13, which is owned by The Walt Disney Companies was looking for an LED provider of long-lasting lighting products such as 2×2 LED fixtures, 2×4 LED fixtures, LED lighting Highbays and LED parking lot lights for their Houston location. When they were told the lead time for all of their fixtures would be less […]

Portway Office Building LED Lighting

Portway Office Building LED Lighting

Changing out old fixtures and updating offices and manufacturing facilities to new LED lights is not just for a return on investment… The safety factor is at the top of the list when looking for beneficial reasons to switch to LED!



CMC is well known throughout the southern US for their large commercial facilities. Now, they are even better known for their green initiative and installing LED lights at their facilities to conserve energy and increase safety. CMC has installed LED highbays and LED parking lot lights at most of their locations. If you want a […]

National LED Corporate Office


Located at 6721 Portwest Drive this beautiful 60,000 plus square foot facility boast interior and exterior LED lights such as LED high bays, LED low bays, 2×2 LED lights and an exterior filled with Parking lot fixtures and wallpacks certain to keep away strangers at night! The facility is open to all customers who book […]

Cube Smart Storage Units

Cube Smart Storage Units LED Lighting

With multiple locations throughout the US, Cubesmart needed an LED Lighting company that could keep up with a demanding schedule. LED Lighting of Houston worked with tight deadlines and coordinated installs throughout the United States for their client. The design team worked closely with multiple MEPs and architects to insure the client received a lighting […]

LED Warehouse Retrofit

LED-Lighting Diesal-Specialists_1

Diesel Specialist located in Humble, Texas converted constructed a new warehouse and when given the task of looking for an LED provider they looked no further than National LED. Their new warehouse with LEDs came with a 10 year warranty and an outstanding 24 hour replacement if a new fixture was ever needed. When asked […]