United Valve

United Valve After LED Lighting Upgrade

Located in Houston, the heart of the Texas refining and petrochemical belt, United Valve is a trusted international provider of repair, modification, and testing services for some of the largest manufacturers in the world. Since 1961 when they first resold surplus valves, they have prided themselves on delivering virtually any type of valve service in-house […]

Alcon LED Highbay Conversion


Alcon has worked with National LED for over 5 years now and has seen their facility go from old fluorescent fixtures to new LED highbays throughout their nearly 1,000,000 square foot facility. Alcon has utilized National LED’s LED high bays, LED low bays and LED tubes for their facility and has noticed a return on […]

TISS Houston Warehouse LED Upgrade


TISS located in Houston, Texas was looking for a high lumen LED highbay fixture for their warehouse. This LED fixture proved hard to find in stock and readily available. When TISS approached National LED the option for a 10,000 up to 70,000 LED highbay was available and the decision was clear on who to work […]

LED Warehouse Retrofit

LED-Lighting Diesal-Specialists_1

Diesel Specialist located in Humble, Texas converted constructed a new warehouse and when given the task of looking for an LED provider they looked no further than National LED. Their new warehouse with LEDs came with a 10 year warranty and an outstanding 24 hour replacement if a new fixture was ever needed. When asked […]

Houston Warehouse LEDs


BPM manufacturing located in Houston, Texas manufactures tiny circuit boards and requires over 100 foot candles for the work their technicians perform. National LED was lucky enough to help the manufacturing facility install new LED highbays for their warehouse. This project had a total project cost of over $50,000 with a return on investment of […]