Why You Should Install Interior LED Lights in Your Office Facility?

If you’re looking for the right type of lighting for your office facility, you must consider interior LED lights. They have a higher initial cost than other types of lights, but are much more energy efficient and offer a lot of savings in the long term.

In addition, they also offer a wide range of benefits that help ensure a productive, comfortable and safer work environment in your office facility.

Let us walk you through some of the most important advantages of installing interior LED lights in your office facility.

Incredibly Long Lifespan

Interior LED lights come with an incredibly long lifespan than traditional lighting options. They can outlast traditional lights by anywhere between 30,000 to 50,000 hours.

They also don’t get burnt out like traditional bulbs. They gradually fade away, allowing you to use them for almost their entire lifespan.

Great Cost Savings

The energy costs make up a significant part of an office facility’s overall expenses. And the lighting costs, in particular, can be pretty high.

This is another area where interior LED lights to have a lot to offer to office facilities. They are much more energy efficient than traditional lighting options.

While most traditional lights end up using most of the energy they consume to produce useless heat, LED lights to produce very little heat, using as much as around 90% of the energy they consume to produce visible light.

The energy cost savings with LED lights could be as much as up to 90% than traditional lights. In addition, traditional lights like HIDs and metal halides become less and less energy efficient with time, producing much less visible light than when you first install them.

This isn’t a problem with LED lights, as they fade away very gradually and offer proper illumination for almost their entire lifespan. Similarly, they don’t consume more energy as they age and the reduction in visible light is far less than traditional lighting options.

We have already discussed the significantly higher lifespan of interior LED lights above. Despite the fact that LED lights come with a much higher initial cost than traditional lights, they turn out to be much more economical in the long term.

This is not only because of their much better energy efficiency but also because of lower maintenance costs. As traditional bulbs have a much shorter lifespan, they need to be replaced much more frequently than LED lights.

If you have managed an office facility before, you know these maintenance costs can add up to a significant amount over time.

Better Illumination

It’s important for offices to build an environment that promotes productivity. If the lighting is dim or not bright enough, it will definitely have a negative effect on your employees’ productivity.

Commercial LED lights offer excellent illumination with surprisingly uniform light distribution. This is much better than traditional lights like incandescent bulbs, which are not only dimmer but often also have “bright spots”, meaning they tend to focus on the spot right below them much more than the surrounding, leaving the other area around them dimmer.

Furthermore, LED lights to boast a very innovative design that allows them to emit light at 180 degrees. This means that all the visible light is emitted via the part of the light that’s actually responsible for distributing the light.

However, most traditional lights come with a 360-degree emission and require half of the light to be reflected back into the office environment. This drives up the overall cost of maintenance.

And if you do not reflect the light going into the ceiling back onto the floor, the light will not be bright enough to offer a productive environment to your employees, and there would be more wastage of energy.

Safety Is Important

When you’re looking for a lighting option for an office facility, you can’t overlook the safety aspect. It goes without saying that any accident in your office facility can be very expensive and difficult to deal with.

And the biggest risk in any office facility is heat that exists in the environment. It can lead to fire or other accidents.

As traditional lights use most of the energy they consume to produce heat, you run a much higher risk of encountering safety issues when using them. But as mentioned above, LED lights use around 90% of the energy they consume to produce visible light, with only a small amount of heat being produced.

The level of safety is further improved with the fact that as LED lights consume much less energy than traditional lights, they can also run on low-voltage electrical systems. This helps ensure a much better level of safety in case something messes up.

Offer Managing Convenience

Traditional lights like HIDs have a warm-up period, meaning that after you turn them on there’s a certain amount of time they need before they fully light on. This not only results in wastage of energy but also makes it inconvenient to manage.

You may not be able to turn off the lights even if there are short breaks where you may not need the lighting. Similarly, there may be times when you need the light quickly but will still have to face the inconvenient warm-up wait time.

Traditional lights also need some time before they can turn off completely after you switch them off. Switching these lights on and off also causes degradation in the device, meaning you need to do it as less often as possible.

LED lights do not have any warm-up or turn-off period, meaning their lighting up and turning off process is instantaneous. There’s also no degradation like with traditional lights, so you can switch them on and off as many times as you like.

Advanced Functionalities

In addition, commercial LED lights designed for office facilities also come with advanced functionalities that allow you to dim them according to the brightness you need.

This both helps save on the energy costs while ensuring a more comfortable working environment in your office facility. Similarly, some LED lights also come with automatic dimming capability, meaning they automatically adjust their brightness level depending on the time of the day, and the brightness needs in your office facility.

There are also many other functionalities that make them a very innovative, convenient and effective lighting option for office facilities.

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