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LED Stairwell Gen 1

TSF G1 National LEDTSF G1 National LEDTSF G1 National LED



The high-performing TSF LED Stairwell luminaire comes in two convenient sizes that is ideal for stairwells and other general ambient lighting applications. This advanced luminaire uses the more applicable ultrasonic sensor to detect motion that does not require a direct line of sight instead of an infrared sensor. This luminaire is optically engineered for maximum efficacy and optimal light distribution with excellent uniformity. This luminaire is suitable for vertical and horizontal mounting and provides easy installation and long life. Emergency Battery Backup kit available.

Corridors, aisles, stairwells

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Ordering Information
Wattage 18W Static, 20W-25W-30W and 35W-45W-55W Selectable FSK Models Lumen Output 2214 Lm Static, 2660-3250-3810 and 4620-5805-6930 Selectable Lm FSK Models
Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) 5000K Static, 3500-4000-5000K Selectable FSK Models Color Rendering Index (CRI) 80
Control Ultrasonic Sensor Accessories Emergency Backup Kit, Wire Guard
Mounting Type Wall mount Environment Indoor
Shape Linear Product Sizes 2′ and 4′
Listings DLC Premium and Standard , UL Product Type Troffer
Generation G1 Color & Finish Polyester Powder White Finish
Light Source LED – Static Voltage Rating Standard 120-277V
Warranty 5 Year Labor Warranty No
Stairwell 2 ft
4 ft
2214 Lm 18W
2660/3250/3810 Lm 20W/25W/30W Selectable
4620/5805/6930 Lm 35W/45W/55W Selectable
Gen 1 120-277V 5000K
3500K/4000K/5000K Selectable
White No Options
Emergency Backup Battery

No Options
2 ft Wire Guard
4 ft Wire Guard

Part Number Description
EL UNV-8 Emergency Battery Kit
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