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LED Lumens and Footcandles

Illuminating your home or office space doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Our team of lighting experts are here to help you every step of the way, from calculating LED lumens per square foot to selecting the right fixtures for your needs. We’ll even help you find ways to reduce your LED lumens energy consumption and lower your monthly bills.

Lumens per Square Foot Calculator National LED

LED Lumens and foot-candles are both measurements of light intensity, but they use different units. Lumen measures how much energy a given quantity provides while feet candle tells you what percentage your eyes can see at any one time in that space with no artificial lights on around it!

Foot candles are the most important tool in determining how much light a bulb will emit. Without paying attention to foot candle readings, electricians and facility managers can end up with an inefficient plan for their lighting needs!

Foot candles are an extremely important measure to ensure your lighting setup delivers the right amount of light. If you don’t have enough foot candle, then employees will be exposed for longer periods and this could lead them into dangerous working conditions or even accidents!

OSHA requires certain industries such as commercial facilities with high productivity standards must follow specific guidelines when it comes down their safety measures so make sure that every space has appropriate levels before they go on-site today


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Recommended LED Lumens & Footcandles Across Sports

As someone who is responsible for maintaining a football field, it is important to understand the role that lumen levels play in safely lighting the playing surface. Here are some recommended lumen levels for different types of football fields:


  • Recreational fields: 300-500 lumens
  • High school fields: 500-700 lumens
  • College and professional fields: 700-1000 lumens


These lumen levels will ensure that players have adequate visibility while also reducing the risk of injuries due to low light levels. Remember, safety should always be your top priority when it comes to lighting a football field.

There are a few lumen recommendations for Baseball and Softball fields. Here, you need at least 300 lumens on the infield and 200 lumenselsewhere.


For night games, these numbers jump to 500 lumens and 400 lumens, respectively. If your field has artificial turf, these requirements may be even higher.

Basketball courts require a high level of lighting to ensure that players can see the ball and each other clearly. The recommended foot candles for a basketball court is between 70 and 100. This will ensure that the playing surface is well illuminated and that players can see clearly.   Basketball courts that are not properly lit can be dangerous for players, so it is important to make sure that they are adequately lit. When choosing light fixtures for a basketball court, it is important to choose ones that will provide the proper amount of light.   LED lighting is a good option because it is energy efficient and provides a lot of light. If you are unsure about what foot candle level is right for your basketball court, it is a good idea to consult with an expert.

The recommended foot candles for indoor hockey rinks is between 70 and 110. This range of light will provide the best visibility for players on the ice, while also reducing glare and reflection. Hockey rinks are typically brightly lit to allow for good visibility of the puck and players, so it is important to make sure that the lighting is not too intense or too dim.


If you are unsure about the foot candle level in your rink, it is best to consult with a lighting specialist to ensure that your rink has the ideal level of lighting.

There are a few different ways to light a tennis court, and the recommended foot candles may vary depending on the method used.


For example, if you are using floodlights, it is recommended that you maintain an average of 50 foot candles across the court. If you are using spotlights, it is recommended that you maintain an average of 70-75 foot candles.


It is also important to ensure that there is enough light uniformity so that players can see the ball clearly. A recommendation for achieving this is to have a maximum to minimum ratio of 4:1. Finally, it is recommended that the lighting be evenly distributed across the court so that there are no dark or bright areas.

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Lumens per Square Foot Calculator National LED