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Smart Poles

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Smart Poles National LEDSmart Poles National LEDSmart Poles National LED



These commercial LED pole lights are an innovative and creative way to provide multi-chamber pole systems for use in small cell or smart city applications. These sturdy, lightweight structures can be easily designed with custom mounting accessory packs that will have you ready any where there’s a need!

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Smart Chamber
Smart Trac
Smart Base
National LED’s multi-Chamber aluminum poles are an excellent solution for the growing complexity in today’s Smart Cities.

  • Eliminate the Possibility of Signal Interference.
  • Allows the use of multiple power sources.
  • Separate Access to Each Chamber.
  • Security for each individual provider.
  • Adaptable and Future-Proof.
  • Ready for future expansions and technologies.
  • Internal Design Improves Loading Capacities.
  • Increased loading for whatever the future may hold.

SMART TRAC is the future of city planning.

    The patent pending SMARTRAC system features aluminum poles that can be used in many different ways, from electricity to communication and even as part of your personal security force! With its sleek design you will have no problem integrating them into any architecture because it looks good too.

Quad-Chamber, Signal Isolation Solution

    Each SMART TRAC shaft is designed with four separate chambers which provide secure access to multiple individual providers. Separation is continuous throughout the pole, including through the base and transitions. SMART TRAC is the PERFECT Signal Isolation Solution for Multi-Use poles utilized by today’s Smart Cities.

Direct Buried Smart Poles

    Direct Buried (Embed) SMART TRAC options are available in all sizes and mounting heights, allowing for faster, more cost-efficient installations.

National LED’s SmartBASE line of aluminum pole cabinets is the perfect solution for storing and displaying all your SMART Pole equipment options.

As Smart Cities look to control aesthetics in their 5G and IoT buildouts, internal concealment of the equipment utilized in Smart Poles is a necessity. Bases can be customized to match the radio, meter, sensor, and disconnect requirements of any Smart Pole project.

The Future of Street Lighting

National LED is an industry-leading manufacturer of SMART Lighting Poles, DAS and Small Cell
Solutions for today’s Smart Cities. This allows architects and planners to use imagination in
implementing designs that are unique at their overall project vision.

We are the design and manufacturer of custom solutions that turn concepts into realities,
delivering Small Cell SMART Pole designs with capabilities for future IoT technologies. As Smart
Cities connect existing digital networks to their infrastructure – multi-use attachment
requirements will continue growing!

Smart Pole Applications

  • 5G/4G Connectivity
  • Small Cell Antennas
  • Security Cameras
  • Meter Boxes
  • Wi-Fi Antennas
  • Batteries
  • Street Signs
  • Banner Arms
  • Fixture Arms
  • Plant Hangers
  • Solar Panels
  • Detection Sensors

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