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Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc. manufactures large commercial thrusters and propulsion systems. While doing large commercial manufacturing you need to make sure your LED warehouse lighting is up to code for safety and efficiency. LED lighting safety standards can be very important regardless of the business. Safety standards for LED lighting are something that we take very seriously, and always make sure our customers are getting a significant amount of LED lighting.

Thrustmaster of Texas High Scaled

At National LED we do hundreds of retrofit installations from LED high bay lighting 400 W to our own in-house LED high bay lighting. Whether the LED high bay lights are 120-277 volts or 277-480 volts, we have you covered. Many customers might ask themselves, “how many led high bay lights do I need?” At National LED we do a LED lighting photometric for all of our projects so that the customer knows exactly how many foot candles they will be receiving and how many led high bay lights they need. We strive to provide our customers with the best high bay led lights, regardless if it is 1000 watt led high bay light fixtures or 400 watts led high bay light fixtures.

In order for Thrustmaster to perform their top of the line manufacturing, they needed to have top of the line LED high bay lighting. Thrustmaster instilled their trust in us at National LED to provide them with our LED warehouse lighting. Our Exsabay XLE warehouse lighting was the perfect match. The retrofit was done in multiple phases so that we did not interfere with any of Thrustmaster’s ongoing manufacturing projects. Our Exsabay XLE was the warehouse LED light chosen due to its aesthetics, its 10-year warranty, and its efficiency. This high bay warehouse light is the ultimate LED warehouse light and has been proven countless times for retrofits from our loyal customers throughout the US.

Thrustmaster High Bays Scaled

This particular warehouse retrofit was 120 Exsabay XLE’s, which replaced Thrustmasters original 1,000 Watt metal halides. We were able to reduce their energy consumptions from 1,000 watts to 250 watts, which is the power of LED lighting. 75% reduction in wattage use!

We share this particular LED lighting retrofit with you to show the successes we bring our customers! Whether it is office LED lighting, warehouse LED lighting, parking lot LED lighting, canopy LED lighting, or any type of new construction/retrofit LED lighting project National LED is your one-stop-shop!

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