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Industrial Warehouse Lighting

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Industrial Warehouse LED Lighting National LED
Industrial Warehouse LED Lighting National LED
Industrial Warehouse LED Lighting National LED
Industrial Warehouse LED Lighting National LED
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Common LED Warehouse Lights

Industrial warehouse LED lighting is offered in various types, each crafted for specific purposes to enhance visibility, aesthetics, and energy efficiency in industrial settings. National LED installs and provides warehouse high bay lighting designed to meet your needs.

Industrial Warehouse LED Lighting National LED

LED Warehouse Lighting Types

  • LED Floodlights
  • LED Retrofit Kits
  • LED Wall Packs

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Industrial Warehouse LED Lighting National LED

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Guide to WAREHOUSE lighting

How Your Warehouse can Benefit from Our LED Lighting

Industrial high bay LED lighting is very important to a modern business. This isn’t just because it’s energy-efficient and that it saves a business money, but industrial warehouse LED lighting also gives you many practical applications in your warehouse.

HID, Fluorescent, or LED lighting?

Choosing the right warehouse high bay lighting is far from easy, especially since you may not know much about the critical factors to consider. However, with just a little help from lighting experts, the choice is straightforward. Let’s discover more about the three lighting types based on the crucial factors you need to consider.

LED is the most recent lighting technology, but it has emerged as the most versatile and energy-efficient lighting solution for pretty much every type of need, warehouse lighting being no exception.

As far as the lumen output is concerned, there’s no beating LED, although HIDs do come close, at least on initial installation. LED lights offer 100 watts or higher, but their light intensity is very concentrated and paves the way for a much more comfortable warehouse environment than HIDs or fluorescent lights. The focus and light intensity is pretty balanced with a great color temperature. Unlike HIDs, LED has no such thing as a warm-up or cool-down time and illuminates fully as soon as you turn them on, and the same goes for when turning them off. Similarly, LED lights remain consistent with their highly efficient lumen output throughout their lifespan, there are never any flickering issues, and they do not lose their energy efficiency over time like fluorescent lights.

LED lights have a significantly higher initial cost, but they demand virtually nothing in maintenance. They do not have any moving parts or filaments, and the on and off cycles don’t affect their lifespan negatively either. They can also handle cold environments, although extreme hot temperatures can affect their light output. Still, the decrease is usually barely noticeable. LED lights are also the most durable, with a lifespan of between 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

LED lights are hands-down the most energy-efficient as there’s no heat loss when converting the energy voltage into lumen output. They use the least energy while being a much better all-around lighting option. They are designed with a very innovative approach to use electrical current to produce light and to emit light directionally to get the most out of their energy.

HIDs used to be the most popular lighting option for warehouses as they boast a high light output and can illuminate large spaces. They are still reasonably popular even today.

HIDs typically offer a light output of 100 watts or better, which is excellent for ensuring maximum visibility. However, HIDs are the worst option for lumen depreciation, meaning they get less energy efficient with a decreasing light output over time. They are also not very impressive with their color temperature, as their light intensity is on the weaker side, and they are usually too yellow or almost unusually white. They also have a “warm-up” time, which means they take a few minutes – often up to 10 minutes or so – to light up fully. The same goes for when you turn them off. This might not seem like too big of a problem, but it can turn out to be one during a power surge as it would prevent them from turning on for about 15 minutes.

While HIDs have a low initial cost, they are pretty high on maintenance. This is because they have moving parts and can get damaged if they are not maintained well or even due to building vibrations. The ongoing maintenance needs typically include replacing the ballasts and also relamping. HIDs have a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours and are durable enough to withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures.

HIDs are the worst option on this front, too, as they are the least energy efficient.

Fluorescent lighting is considered a more budget alternative to HIDs as it’s a more energy-efficient option, but not as much as industrial warehouse LED lighting.

While fluorescent has better light output than incandescent and even HIDs in most cases, there are a few significant trade-offs here. For example, fluorescent has flickering issues, unlike LEDs, and they even tend to start losing their lumen output – meaning they output less while using more voltage – as they age. As a result, they no longer remain energy efficient once they only have 30% of their lifespan left.

Fluorescent doesn’t demand much maintenance, though they are not fit for extremely cold or hot environments. Also, the on and off cycles can further reduce their lifespan. They are also not as durable, with a lifespan of only up to 15,000 hours.

As mentioned above, fluorescent is more energy-efficient than HIDs but not as much as LED. It also no longer remains energy efficient enough after reaching 70% of its lifespan.

The Clear Winner! LED Lighting!

After our discussion, it’s clear that LED lights are the superior choice for warehouses, excelling in light output, quality, maintenance, and energy savings. Despite higher initial costs, their long-term benefits make them the clear winner.

Good Questions to ask Your Prospective LED Lighting Vendor Before Purchasing High Bay LED Lighting Fixtures for Your Warehouse

Benefits of High Bay LED Lights and Warehouses?

Industrial Warehouse LED Lighting National LED
Highly energy-efficient, LED lights contribute to lower bills and reduced maintenance costs.
With a modern design and customizable ambiance, LED lights elevate the airport’s brand image.

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