The Benefits of LED Lighting for Warehouses

LED lights have emerged as the latest technology in the world of light sources, and are turning out to be a great option for all types of needs and spaces. However, LED lights are a particularly good lighting option for warehouses, as they offer a wide range of benefits and help get around some of the major issues associated with traditional lights for warehouses.

Let us take a look at some of the biggest benefits below.

Longer Lifespan

LED lights are a beast when it comes to the lifespan when compared to traditional light sources. They are known to last about four times as long as most of their traditional counterparts like metal halides, in some cases even longer.

This is an important consideration for warehouses because they usually have light fixtures installed at a considerable height from the floor. This means the cost of replacing burnt out lights would be greater when using traditional lights as you will have to replace them much more often than LED lights. Not to mention you will save on the cost of buying the lights to replace as well.

This is because while LED lights tend to last between 50,000 to 100,000 hours, metal halides get burnt out in 6,000 to 15,000 hours. Some of the other traditional lights last a little longer, but nowhere near to LED lights.

So by going with LED lights for your warehouse, you will save significantly on the maintenance costs.

Productive Work Environment

Studies show that lighting plays a significant role in building a productive work environment for your employees and workers. This is especially true for warehouses, which require a bright, well-illuminated environment to work properly.

LED lights are known for their brightness and uniform lighting, something that can be a problem with some of the traditional light sources that end up putting too much light right under where they are installed while leaving the surrounding area dimmer.

In addition, LED lights come in a pure white light resembling daylight as compared to a yellow-ish light of traditional light sources which doesn’t feel very natural.

Lower Energy Costs

It goes without saying that a large chunk of a warehouse facility’s overall expenses go towards their energy costs. Large warehouses need a lot of light fixtures, and if the light isn’t cost efficient, the energy costs would be significantly high.

LEDs are way more energy efficient than other light sources, in some cases using only around 25 percent of the energy as traditional light sources to produce the same amount of light. This can go a long way in reducing the energy costs of your warehouse significantly.

Amazing Flexibility

Many of the latest LED systems come with a great level flexibility. They allow warehouse owners and managers to control the lighting system to a great extent, while also helping them further save on their energy costs.

This kind of advanced LED systems will let you control and access individual fixtures in any area of your warehouse, which may otherwise be difficult to reach. You can configure, schedule or task tune them as per your needs, without having to move around your warehouse all the time.

Another great feature of these LED systems is the ability to set up motion sensor lighting. This means that the system would automatically turn off the light in a particular part of the warehouse where there’s no activity. Similarly, some of the other features include automatic adjustment of the brightness of the light depending on the time of the day, so that the level of brightness remains uniform throughout the day.

These features not only ensure some significant energy savings but also pave the way for an even better work environment and easier management for the warehouse manager or owner.

Safer for Your Employees

LED lights offer a higher level of safety to your employees in more than one way. They are brighter and offer uniform lighting so you can be sure of no area of your warehouse staying dark, which can pose a safety threat to your workers.

Similarly, other light options like fluorescent lights have their own issues like flickering, which can negatively affect your employees’ eyesight, especially if they are exposed to such lighting for a long period of time. LED lights never flicker and retain their lighting intensity until they are completely burnt out, unlike traditional light sources which become dimmer when they reach around 70 percent of their lifespan.

Many traditional lights also contain mercury, which can be hazardous for your employees. They are also made of glass, which is another safety issue for workers working right under these lights all day.

LED lights do not contain mercury and are not made of glass, which translates to a much safer working environment for your employees.

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