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At National LED, we encourage the use of LED lighting in all the instances, whether it is exterior or interior lighting, LEDs are your best option to-go between all the options available on the market.

The popularity of LED lights has risen in the last years, however, they have been in use since the ‘60s. At the time, they only were used as indicators on many electronic devices.

Throughout time, LED lights became much more advanced, and now they have a vast range of functionalities, consuming less energy and having a longer life than other lighting solutions.

Advantages of Exterior LED lighting

The exterior (outdoor) LED lights are being used for a wide range of reasons and here is a list for you:

  • Their Surface Temperature is Quite Low

As compared to other lights when it comes to LED lights, they have a lower surface temperature. This means that exterior LED lighting solutions are great for places are in landscape or the sites that animals or children often go to. This makes the area safer for them, as it does not generate too much heat.

  • Low maintenance cost

If we compare exterior LED lighting to the usual halogen lamps or bulbs, one of the most outstanding features of LED is their durability. LED lights are great for exterior purposes because they require little maintenance. If we look at the lifespan of an average LED light, they light up for almost 17 years, given the favorable circumstances.

  • Brighter

LED lights are just perfect for exterior use because they are brighter than any other lights. This means you get to see a more transparent view of the roads if installed there, you can also install exterior LED lighting across your yard for safety purposes. LED lights have turned the game of security as they give a rather bright picture than any natural outdoor lights.

  • Great for Cold Temperatures

Unlike fluorescent bulbs and lights, LED lights are efficient in colder temperatures. Fluorescent lights require more voltage to start when the temperature drops outside—this why LED lights are used in refrigerators. For example, exterior LED lighting burns more efficiently when the temperature drops, which is why they are perfect for exterior use like parking lots, roads, etc.

  • More Durable Than Any Other Alternative

Other lights require a glass exterior to protect them, which makes them even more prone to breaking. This also makes its maintenance a problem. However, exterior LED lighting is free from these troubles as they do not require any glass exterior. They are mounted on a circuit.

  • Withstands heavy use

LED lights are not affected if you repeatedly turn them on and off, unlike other lights. Therefore, you can use LED lights for exteriors and not care about if they are being cared for.  Unlike other lights, there are no strict instructions for LEDs.

Uses for Exterior LED Lights

  • Parking Lots

One of the many places that are benefited by exterior LED lighting is parking lots. People are usually looking for a convenient option that is also efficient. In the parking lots, lots of people often require bright lights, and because of many of these parking lots being underground, other lights usually get heat.

To avoid any such situations, LED lights are a great option. Also, when some parts of parking lots aren’t being used, you can use sensors for exterior LED lighting. This would cut down on the costs, and they don’t need too much maintenance.

  • Street Lights

The lights that are traditionally used for streets like halide lamps, etc. Do not have a good color quality. LED lights, however, have excellent quality.

The color also changes a lot the look of a street. It is easy for a street to look darker with the traditional yellow lights, which also are not suitable for security. By its counterpart, LED bulbs are whiter, so they help better in terms of security.

You can also use dimming of lights with LED lights to save energy consumption and cost. This adaptive dimming is also available in other traditional bulbs, but LED lights have many other advantages to it.

  • As Decorative Lights or in Landscapes

LED lights are perfect for environments that people frequent, and they are high as decorative lights or in landscapes. This is because they require less maintenance and the quality is excellent too, which enhances the look of a place.

LED lights also have a longer lifespan than other exterior lights, which means you don’t have to change them again and again. Usually, places with decorative lights require a lot of them. This means that they need something for the long run, and LED lights are the best for this.


When it comes to exterior lighting, it’s easy for LED lights to stand out from all others. Whether it’s because they are much more durable, cost-effective, efficient, and have an excellent color quality. LED lights are widely used across the world, replacing all the traditional bulbs in almost all aspects of living.

No one wants to waste money on something that won’t benefit them in the long run, also, people are now looking for a safer yet environmental-friendly option which is only possible with LED technology. Get started now.

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