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10.9W LED Tubes

Star T8 Series | LED Tube Lights and Lighting

National LED’s Star T8 LED Tubes have become widely accepted as the highest quality, longest-life LED tubes on the market, bar none. This new version retains  market-setting quality standard with a 200,000-hour L70 and up to 168 lumens per Watt with a frosted lens. They can be used in a variety of new fixtures or are available for multiple uses. The Star LED tube provides long lifetime and high efficiency for the most dollar efficient consumer!

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Energy Data
Ordering Information
  • Integrated driver eliminates the need for an external driver
  • Compatible with Star T8 LED tubes
  • Fully-sleeved glass tube material
  • UL 1598 Type B compliant LED lamp (integrated driver)
  • Single and double-ended power options available
  • Ten-year warranty
  • UL Approved (# E352453)
  • DesignLights Consortium Qualified
Spec Type Data
Dimensions 47.5″ x 1.0″
Units/Carton 25
Net Weight 0.75 lbs.
Environmental Rating Damp
Spec Type 3500K 4000K 5000K
Input Voltage (VAC) 120-277 120-277 120-277
System Level Power (W) 10.9 10.9 10.9
Delivered Lumens (Lm) 1,800 1,800 1,800
Efficacy (Lm/W) 165 165 165
Color Temperature (K) 3,500 4,000 5,000
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 80 min 80 min 80 min
L70 Calculated Life (Hrs.)1 200,000 200,000 200,000
Operating Temperature (° C) -20 to 45 -20 to 45 -20 to 45
Series Variant Voltage Length Wattage CCT Diffuser Power Location
ST1 7 UNV – 120-277V 4 – 4′ 10A – 10.9W 35 – 3500K
40 – 4000K
50 – 5000K
GL – Glass Blank – Single Ended
DE – Double Ended
Example: ST1-7-UNV-4-10A-35-GL

Example: ST1-7-UNV-4-10A-35-GL

Part Number Description
LS-1-4 LoneStar, 1 Tube Strip Fixture Housing
LS-2-4 LoneStar Tandem, 8′ Single Strip Housing
TWS1 TwinStar, 2 Tube Strip Fixture Housing
TWS1-T TwinStar Tandem, 8′ Double Strip Housing
TWS1-1 TwinStar, 2 Tube Strip Fixture Housing with Accommodations for an Occupancy Sensor
TR-3-4 TriStar, 3 Tube Strip Fixture Housing
USQS-44 QuadStar, 4 Tube Wide Body Strip Housing
HBT1 SixShooter, 6 Tube High Bay Fixture Housing
HBT1-1 SixShooter, 6 Tube High Bay Fixture Housing with Accommodations for an Occupancy Sensor
UCLL-24 2×4 Housing with Ribbed Lens – Ceiling Mounted
UCLLS-24 2×4 Housing with Ribbed Lens – Surface Mounted
LS-WG-48 Wireguard Protection for LoneStar Strip Fixture Housing
BCK-8-2-US 1×8 Two Lamp Retrofit
BCK-8-4-US 1×8 Four Lamp Retrofit
RKSR-232TAN-WINST 8′ to 4′ Conversion Kit
USVT-24 4′ VaporTight Housing
USVT-44 8′ VaporTight Housing
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